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Our archive - your story

The ‘Our Archive – Your Story’ project pays tribute to the south of Luxembourg and its iconic sites highlighted by Esch2022. Due to its location in the heart of Luxembourg’s south, the Centre national de l’audiovisuel (CNA) has naturally received over time numerous documents relating to the towns and villages of the mining region. These documents testify to the rise and the gradual fall and disappearance of the steel industry, but they also trace the economic, social, cultural, family and daily life of the region more generally.

The objective of the ‘Our Archive – Your Story’ project is to raise awareness among a wide and diverse audience of the importance of Luxembourg’s audiovisual heritage and its conservation by reaching out to people and meeting them where they live, in their towns and villages. This will allow us to raise new funds for the CNA’s archives, help enrich our collections and thus preserve the audiovisual memory of Luxembourg’s southern regions.

Following the Esch2022 programme, iconic locations have been chosen in six selected municipalities of the ‘Bassin minier’ region in order to create a roadmap around the images and sound archives of the CNA. These landmark sites will serve as the basis for the organisation, in collaboration with local partners, of a series of events over a limited period of time in each of the municipalities. A special effort will be made to collect recent documents from young people and newcomers to the region in order to reflect the plurality of experiences both over time and across different populations.

Project leader: CNA

CNA - Centre National de l'Audiovisuel

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