12/05 - 12/05/22


CCRD opderschmelz


3 cities
2 musicians per city
1 residency coordinator
3 residencies
3 festivals
1 project

The aim of this trilateral collaboration is to create a musical work in the jazz field with musicians from very different cultural, historical, social and political backgrounds.
The project leader “CCRD opderschmelz/Dudelange Town Council” appoints a project manager.
The three partner cities each propose five musicians, from whom the project leader chooses two to constitute the project ensemble.

Next, the three partners also ask that work be carried out in their region during the creative period, with the artistic material of the project in question.
Participatory component:
During the residencies taking place just before the respective festivals, a group of students from the local music conservatory will rehearse a few pieces with the “main ensemble”, which they will present together on stage during the festival.
Short-term objective:
To present the “result” at the jazz festivals organised by the three project partner cities.

Medium-term objective:
Recording, mastering of the concert(s) for later release and broadcast.

Long-term objective:
To create the basis for a musical group that can continue to tour, change and renew itself in the future, while remaining true to the cultural, historical, social and political background of its members.
Realisation through artist-musician residencies:
A residency is a place to welcome artists, and its primary task is to provide the resident artists with the conditions and means to work.
The residency can be for one or more artists, enabling the artist(s) to undertake research or creative work. Creative work will be facilitated thanks to providing a place in which to live and create, and financial, technical and human assistance.

piano – Bojan Z
e-bass – Marko Curcic
double bass – Boris Schmidt
drums/keys – Jérome Klein
drums/keys – Lav Kovac
saxophon, flûte – Kestutis Vaiginis
vocals – Veronika ChiChi

Dudelange, Centre culturel régional opderschmelz, DudetownHouse
Novi Sad Jazz Festival, Novi Sad Cultural Center
Kaunas Jazz, Kaunas Artist’s House

CCRD opderschmelz

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