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Luxcon: The 2022 EuroCon

As part of the European Capital of Culture Esch2022, the European Science Fiction Convention has been planned for a long time. Since its foundation, the convention has been a sign of unification, first between fans in the two Europes, East and West, and since the fall of the Iron Curtain between a new, united Europe. The EuroCon is organised on a rotational basis by associations of science fiction fans in cities across the continent. LuxCon, thanks to its unique geographical and linguistic location, has been noticed by European fantasy fans, and many of them have started to spread the word that Luxembourg and LuxCon would be a good place for a European Convention.

Specifically, the Science Fiction & Fantasy Society (SFFS) Luxembourg, and its partners from the Dudelange site, and fantasy fan partners based in Luxembourg, the region and Europe, are proposing to organise the 2022 version of LuxCon, retitled EuroCon 2022, around the weekend of 9 and 10 April 2022. Primarily the EuroCon events and sessions will start on Thursday or Friday, with the bulk of the associated events and stands open to the public on Saturday and Sunday.

The programme will include:

  • Debates on fantasy subjects, but also on real social, economic and environmental problems and the way the imagination deals with them.
  • Interviews with creators
  • Workshops for all ages around activities in the vast world of the imagination
  • Playful activities to illustrate the range of fantasy-themed hobbies
  • Round table discussions on hobbyist communities in different European countries and their interactions
  • Concerts with pieces from or inspired by fantasy works
  • Costume, comedy and literary competitions
  • Exhibitions
  • Sales of original works and merchandise from internationally-successful franchises.

Many visitors will attend the festival in costume, often self-made, illustrating a favourite character, game, TV series or film.

The SFFS boasts seven years of experience in organising the festival, and will have accumulated eleven years of experience by the time of Esch2022. It has excellent contacts with the European fantasy communities, and we aim to invite authors from all over Europe to adequately represent the fantasy culture of the European Union.Project leader: Science Fiction & Fantasy Society

Project leaders: Science Fiction & Fantasy Society 

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