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Centre national de l'audiovisuel


H – The notion of humanist photography

In 2022, at the invitation of Esch2022 European Capital of Culture, the Kaunas Photography Gallery and the Centre national de l’audiovisuel (CNA) propose to collaborate on a joint venture. The idea is to review and combine the experiences from two existing projects of the two institutions in order to create a new collaborative format. The ‘Portfolio Days’, hosted triennially by the CNA, and the ‘Magazine from Kaunas’, published every year by the Kaunas Photography Gallery, look to be the perfect combination for this initiative, since they share a common aim: to bring together creatives from the world of photography and to promote exchange as the basis for new creations.

Bringing these two projects together in 2022 will involve the establishment of a creative platform in the shape of two residencies – one in Luxembourg, one in Lithuania – which will allow for experimentation and the development of a project based on a photographic commission dealing with a designated topic. Photographers from Luxembourg and Lithuania, along with several international photographers – mentored by experts from the field of photography, graphic designers and writers from both countries – will collaborate to bring this project to life.

The whole work will culminate in the production of a magazine and a presentation of the resulting work in both countries.

The context of the two 2022 European Capitals of Culture, Esch and Kaunas, presents the perfect occasion for this collaboration, connecting two photographic initiatives and scenes in a dynamic collaboration.

Project leader: CNA

CNA - Centre National de l'Audiovisuel

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