14/04 - 29/05/22


Centres d'art de Dudelange


Wednesday to Sunday 15h00 - 19h00


Antidote Fiction

With Antidote Fiction, an interdisciplinary exhibition, Bombyx brings together seven artists from the visual and performing arts. It acknowledges the industrial history that has contributed to the construction of our present-day world. It diverts it. The imaginary and the fictional take over reality and become an antidote to the prevailing gloom. Here, fiction is a welcome catharsis in these times when collapsology is becoming apparent everywhere. Being creative with the collapse of civilizations, and rebuilding with imagination. Assessing the situation, suggesting possible routes through, using art as a medium. Making people dream of a different world. And we say different, not better, because even though the best may be yet to come, the future remains hidden from us.

Project leader: Bombyx

Artists: Nathalie Noé Adam, Pascale Noé Adam, Edwin Cuervo, Keita Mori, Olga Karpinsky, Claire Thill, Agathe Simon

Centres d'art de Dudelange

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