June 25, 2022


December 1, 2022

Hall Vestiaires Wagonage

The Dkollage is a collective renovation process to which we invite you to participate, in order to reappropriate this space together and to make it evolve.

By valuing our industrial heritage and stimulating experimentation, let’s trigger a local dynamic of creative initiatives that can be anchored in the new urban neighbourhood Neischmelz.

What? How?

Exchanging ideas, conviviality, sharing know-how, solidarity, DIY, inclusion, participation, revaluation, passing on knowledge, learning, storytelling, cooking, openness, planting, experimental music, hospitality, heritage, daydreams, ecology, creativity, sustainability…

A (future) space of possible utopia(s)

Dudelange looks to be fertile ground for several reasons. Firstly, its dominant industrial past which, after its dismantling, has left a society that is both lacking in points of reference and nostalgic for its manufacturing strength. Secondly, the attachment of this culture to its landscapes, which are still perceived in the collective imagination.

Material archaeology – memory of things and present objects

The reconversion of part of the heritage on these sites makes it possible to define the identity of the places, by resisting modernisation and mass production which can tend to standardise lifestyles and urban environments. In a first step, reconversion encourages anchorage in the town and allows the residents to see themselves in their environment. The building becomes the symbol of a past architecture and the new use makes it accessible to the public, who rediscover and reclaim the place.

The programmes will be sensitive and adapted to the place, since by taking advantage of the existing potential and enhancing its character it is possible to intelligently combine the old (industrial heritage) and the new use.

An infinite or unfinished, indefinite place, always to be finished and never finished, overflowing the edges and limits, leads to synergies, to “doing together”, to learning and to the circulation of ideas. Although this idea seems utopian, it is rooted in the here and now of our society, which is undergoing permanent change.

By keeping the wild, hybrid, authentic aspect, the aspiration is to create a new function open to everyone, in order to facilitate a truly participative process of reflection.

The building, which will be completely rebuilt in 2022, is deliberately exposed as a work site. The works will be accompanied by artistic actions and workshops that will help to rebuild the space. A place of experimentation and research, constantly changing, in which the spectator, the citizen and the artist are actively involved in the evolution, will be created. This collaborative approach is essential in order to connect the project owner with the future users of the space.

The idea is to create spaces for experimentation that extend beyond the site itself, a factory of the public space of “making”, hybrid forums supplemented by the “in situ” practice, with an genuinely convivial character.

Project leaders : Ville de Dudelange, DKollektiv, Fonds du Logement, Œuvre Grande Duchesse & Esch2022


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