September 17, 2022


December 11, 2022


Centres d'art de Dudelange

Re-Retour de Babel

A plea for humans

Revisiting the exhibition and research carried out during the European Capital of Culture 2007

– Tracking down of the people who participated in the 2007 project
– Revisiting of the people interviewed in 2007 – situation today, the relationship of descendants to the country of origin of parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, etc.

o What remains of the roots?
o Is the language still spoken?
o Are the habits the same?
o For which reasons?

– Interview with the descendants (recorded, written)
– Interview with people belonging to the new immigration wave (continuation of the exercise started in 2007)
– Photographic exhibition (in the art centers Nei Liicht and Dominique Lang)
– Creation of a new website (encompassing the old one which will thus be reactivated) with the interviews, pictures and testimonials
– Conferences, debates, meetings
Continuation of this concept during each European Capital of Culture and propagation of the project throughout the entire mining basin


New approach that is less scientific but more human-centred
Private stories and memories with their expectations and demands.
Personal and intimate narratives, family stories that are part of a general migratory history.
Cultural richness of our country
Fundamental role of migration in the economic, social and cultural development of this cross-border area
Being part of a world of constant change
Detecting the complexity of individuals
Recognition and valorisation of cultures stemming from immigration

The idea is to approach the question of migration from a human, personal point of view, not from a political nor a scientific level.
What interests us in this project is on one hand to enhance the work carried out in 2007 but also to continue it in the same spirit by taking a more personal and intimate approach.

Detailed calendar
Exhibition at the art centres Nei Liicht and Dominique Lang from 17 September to 11 December 2022
4 lectures during the exhibition period at the opderschmelz Cultural Centre (small auditorium) dates to be defined with the lecturers

Opening hours
Exhibition opening hours Wednesday to Sunday 3pm – 7pm
Lectures 7.30 pm to 10 pm

Project partners: Centre de Documentation sur les migrations humaines, CLAE, Retour de Babel asbl (agreement), Services de la Ville de Dudelange

Centres d'art de Dudelange

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