Saint-Martin Church, Dudelange

European competition for organ composition in Dudelange

As part of the project “Discoveries and creations around the organ”

Registration : July 2021 to 31 October 2021 (registration deadline)
Deadline for submission of compositions: 1 March 2022
Announcement of the results by the jury: 15 April 2022

World premiere of the winning compositions and award ceremony :
Tuesday 25 October 2022 at 8.15 pm at the Saint-Martin church in Dudelange

President: Thierry Escaich (France)
Members: Christophe d’Alessandro (France), Maurice Clement (Luxembourg), Franz Danksagmüller (Austria/Germany), Pierre Nimax jun. (Luxembourg), Pascale Rouet (France), Roby Steinmetzer (Luxembourg)

Performers at the concert on 25 October with the premiere of the winning works
Works for solo organ
Vincent Warnier (France)

Works for organ and magnetic tape
Organ: Cindy Castillo (Belgium)
Tape: Arthur Stammet, Laurent Willkomm (Luxembourg)


This project is intended for composers residing in a member state of the European Union to write a musical composition either for organ alone or for organ and magnetic tape, in which each composer must deal with at least one characteristic element of the Esch2022 territories. Through these compositions, this creative project contributes to the enrichment of the organ music repertoire. To tackle the composition, different elements characterising the territories of Esch2022 are suggested to the candidates: musical themes such as the notes E.S.C.H. (E, Eb, C, B) or the sound identity of Esch2022 (melody extracted from “Heartland” by David Ianni), motifs and subjects such as landscapes in transition or references to immigration, particularly of Italian and Portuguese origin. For the magnetic tape in particular, references to sounds of industrial origin, particularly steel, are expected. This is a competition with no pre-selection and no age limit. 25 candidates are admitted for a composition for organ alone and 20 candidates for a composition for organ and magnetic tape. Depending on their application, the composers will have 6 to 9 months to write their composition. In the spring of 2022, an international jury will analyse the (anonymous) compositions and choose those that deserve to be awarded a prize. In each of the two categories, several prizes are to be awarded: 1st Prize (3.000 EUR), 2nd Prize (1.500 EUR), 3rd Prize (1.000 EUR), Best young composer (under 35 years old): 500 EUR. The winning compositions will be premiered in a final concert in the presence of the jury members and the winners. During the concert, the public will also be invited to vote for the Public Prize (500 EUR).

Saint-Martin Church, Dudelange

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